We are a global, research-based animal and food production team.

At ARM & HAMMER, we use science to unlock the power of nature, creating research-proven solutions for poultry nutrition, productivity and food safety. As your food chain partner, we integrate diverse technologies for poultry and food production systems that solve problems and create positive change around the globe.


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Solutions developed with your business in mind.

Backed by research, our portfolio delivers poultry productivity and food safety solutions that are powered by nature and tailored to meeting needs across the food chain, from raising healthy birds to producing safe food.

Better poultry feed ingredients start here.


Get the benefit of multiple feed additives in one consistently high-quality formula, minimizing the risks of mixing errors and diet variation.


Navigate specific challenges with proprietary strains of Bacillus selected to address harmful pathogens wherever they occur.


Combine the benefits of Refined Functional Carbohydrates with a bentonite to prevent and protect against multiple mycotoxins to make birds resilient and maintain consistent performance.

Food production products to meet your food safety standards.


A safe antimicrobial that uses phage technology to reduce Salmonella in poultry processing.


Effectively reduce harmful foodborne pathogens like Campylobacter and Salmonella using a safe, non-corrosive solution.

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#ScienceHearted solution.

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